Top 13 Free Credit Report Websites

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Top 13 Free Credit Report Websites

We’ve done our research on the top Free Credit Report sites and with the help of,  we have found out what the top free credit report websites are.

Here is a list:

1. Annual Credit Report

Free Experian, TransUnion and Equifax credit report summary (pick the reports you want)

2. Identity Guard

Free 30 day evaluation from all 3 credit bureaus

3. Credit Report 123

$1 for 30 days from all three credit bureaus then $18.99 per month

4. Credit Report

$1 for 7 day trial then charged monthly for $29.95, report form all three

5. Life Lock

Depends on plans and pricing.

6. Free Score Finder
7 day free trial then $29.95 per month fees charged from TransUnion and Experian

7. Free Credit Score

7 day free trial membership then charged $17.99 per month

8. Free Score Online

7 day free trial and then $29.95 per month

9. Free Score 360

7 day free trial and then $29.95 per month

10. Privacy Guard

14 day trial for $1 then $19.95 per month afterwards

11. Free Scores and More

14 day free trial then $18.99 per month fees

12. Trusted ID

Free 14-day trial; $10.42/mo for individuals; $20/mo for families (w/ annual prepay)

13. My FICO

1 month for $4.95 then monthly charges

Credit Report Services: What To Keep An Eye Out For

Not all credit report services are alike, some provide general service and others provide additional features. These features are divided into categories: which bureaus the reports are from, credit monitoring, additional services, and help and support.

Reports: Generally good to look through ALL three bureaus

It is wise to look at your credit reports from all three agencies so that you can make sure that all three include correct, up-to-date information. It also is useful to know the scoring model used in calculating your credit score. Your credit report usually comes with a credit score, which is what helps lenders determine how much of a financial risk you pose. The Fair Isaac Corporation score, or FICO, is the most widely used scoring method. It draws on data from all three agencies’ credit reports and uses an algorithm to determine your score. However, the FICO score is not the only scoring model. Vantage and proprietary scores exist as well. Factors may be similar, the score can mean different things depending on the type of model used because the scales are different. A FICO score ranges between 300 and 850, while a Vantage score is between 501 and 990.

Credit Monitoring:

When you pay for a service to track your credit, it helps to know what that company is watching in your credit history. The best services monitor all three credit reporting bureaus. It is also useful to let you know if someone is misusing your credit, and it helps to have multiple ways of getting those alerts. Credit monitoring is a separate feature from obtaining a credit report. Credit monitoring services provide you with alerts when something on your report or your score changes. This does not mean you can view your credit reports and your score an unlimited number of times, most the alerts come in is once a month. Using a credit monitoring service does not affect your credit score.

Additional Services:

Many of the best credit monitoring services provide identity theft insurance. It can range from thousands of dollars to well into million. This can be helpful in case of stolen identity, dispute of incorrect data, and in case of lost wallet.

Help and Support:

While monitoring your credit, there is always a chance that something could be missed or not understood. It is essential to have assistance from your monitoring service, and to be able to reach it via phone, email or any online chat tool in the company’s website. Online access to you account is a great option, this way you know generally what is the progress. You may also want to do your own research by looking into frequently asked questions and other educational materials on the company’s website. To find out more information and also what companies can help you with your bad credit, go to They have done their research and a wide variety of different companies and they’re able to help you get a better understanding of the industry.